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The Nugget of Youthness

The Beginnings

Mr Salah, known throughout the world now as Mr Rhassoul, founder and creator of Moroccan Rituals company, has once again broken through industry standards and created the first high performing, luxury Anti-aging oil and serum, that is both 100% natural organic and vegan.
A product so special that there is quite literally no other to compare it to a product whose value is truly in the contents of the bottle.

A Journey to Our Origins

In 2006, Mr Salah or Mr Salaheddine HAMMADI began a fervent quest to uncover a skincare ingredient that would make beautiful skin a reality. He has always believed in virtue of the Rhassoul Clay, the secret he was looking for eluded them for a long time. During his visit to the Rhassoul deposit in the desert, It was only by a chance encounter that Mr Rhassoul observed the soft and youthful hands of aged workers who extract the Rhassoul clay from the mine. The breath-taking sight was what hinted at the skincare miracle he would eventually uncover. A destiny of beauty was finally within reach.

The Promise of The Nugget of Youthness

Derived from a riparian sedimentary formation generated during the Jurassic period, The Nugget of Youthness is a very rare Natural lump of Rhassoul Clay rich in magnesium and silicon. The fascinating combination of minerals work to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process. This unique and signature ingredient bears close resemblance to the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) – a deciding element in the restoration and enhancement of translucency, softness and smoothness. Nature, technology and craftsmanship blend harmoniously to create the miracle of The Nugget of Youthness – to present a promise of crystal clear skin that is yours to always keep.

Secret Ingredients

The astounding sight of the wrinkled faces of aged workers who extract the Rhassoul clay from the mine contrasting their soft youthful hands remained seared in the memories of Mr Salah ( Mr Salaheddine HAMMADI ). Back in premises of his company, He surmised that the secret must lie in the Clay that the workers’ hands were in constant contact with during the Rhassoul Clay extraction process. And that is how an exhaustive research of over on several veins of clay inside the Rhassoul mine. Poring over even the smallest singular detail, the scientists spent over five years isolating the single clay vein that held the secret to crystal clear skin. It was the birth of a miracle, a beauty revolution that would soon come to be known as The Nugget of Youthness.