KENZO Takada - Salaheddine HAMMADI

KENZO Takada – Salaheddine HAMMADI

Obsessed since his childhood by graphics and Haute Couture, Kenzo Takada is the founder of the Kenzo brand. Cuts of kimonos, printed colours, the Japanese Designer builds a bridge between the East and the West.
Founder of a now recognized worldwide brand, Kenzo Takada was born in the Japanese city of Himeji on February 27, 1939. Surrounded by her sisters, the young man quickly becomes aware of his love of fashion, which will take him away from the University of Kobe foreign language to register for the Tokyo Bunka Fashion College.
Passing the gates of hotel previously reserved for the gente feminine, Kenzo Takada goes against the wishes of his parents, and will therefore have to support family disapproval a few years time.
Flight to a new life

Graduating with flying colours in fashion in 1964, the young man decides to leave his native land to join the sunlights in the French capital. As a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, Kenzo Takada remains mesmerized for long weeks by the Parisian tumult, in which lacks clear benchmarks.
Is both addictive although evil to this new town, Kenzo Takada starts to attend parades, and thread in hand, manages to sell some of his sketches to the famous women’s magazine she. Then begins a slow ascent to success.

Japanese flowering in the Parisian streets
In 1970, Kenzo Takada in the Galerie Vivienne organizes its first women’s Haute Couture parade. Program, kimono flowery, ample pants unstructured, and elegant dresses in yukuta (Japanese traditional material). In the aftermath, the stylist opens in the Passage Choiseul its first boutique whom he nicknamed Jungle Jap.

Haven of peace, Jungle Jap plot in the same way that it captivates. Soon receiving the visit of artists and fashion professionals, the store became over time a place of Exchange, meetings, but above all a striking flight East.
In the early 1980s, Kenzo Takada who previously signed his name his creations gives birth to the Kenzo label. As early as 1983, a men’s collection complements the ready-to-wear, and in 1988, a range of fragrance. Real world success, the first Kenzo de Kenzo fragrance plays on fresh tones, which will be the same symbol of home.
The end of a reign

Suffering an overdose of fashion, Kenzo Takada pulls his hat to the Haute Couture scene in 1999. Presenting his work in the hands of the LVMH luxury group, Kenzo Takada flew to a new area. For nearly three years, the travel stylist, painted, resource, and especially continues to fill blank pages of sketches, which are among 100,000.
At the age of 60 years, Kenzo Takada founded a new brand that he entitled first Gokan Kobo (workshop of the five senses) then simply Takada. “I turned the page, taken back. I restart as on the first day. The excitement, the adventure missed me: I found, with a bit of anxiety, of course, but also with a lot of happiness! ».
Always faithful to the blending of cultures, the new concept of Kenzo Takada made cohabit clothes with antique furniture, furnishings, fabrics, all in a harmonious atmosphere, where printed mingle with a simplicity of forms. A project that wants to break with the protocols of Haute Couture, and open its range of products to the greatest number. Generous, accessible, Kenzo Takada is a name that you will not forget.



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