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Wiwa Estrella Whitening Anti Aging Moisturizer Brightening Firming Soft Skin Care [Get Free Tomato Facial Mask]

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A mechanism that is different compared to the traditional enzyme tyrosinase, which helps the skin due to the decrease of the activity of tyrosinase. – Mulberry extract liquid: Mulberry root extract contains active anti-oxidant is a substance Flavonoil and 2-oxyresveratrol mulberroside F and compounds that inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Which is involved in the process of melanin in the skin and prevent skin dehydration. Help delay Aging Reducing the skin on the face and freckles and dark spots to fade noticeably. – Pueraria mirifica extract: Pueraria Extract Antioxidants Anti-oxidant (Antigua – Oxford Residence) stimulates collagen and elastin to keep skin firm and increase blood flow. Reduce wrinkles And add radiance makes skin firm. Plump naturally – Arbutin: An extract derived from plants. Highly effective in reducing the appearance of melanin that causes freckles and dark spots of skin can have excellent skin whitening skin in no time. Tyrosinase and inhibit enzymes that cause pigmentation blemishes perfectly. – Beta-white: Helps condition skin look radiant. Skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots. The skin to look lighter. – 3M3 Whiteris G: Extract from brown algae Skin whitening Reduce skin pigment melanin. – Etioline: Plant extracts African name. Mitracarpe help inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which catalyze the pigment (Melanin) helps tone the skin, reduce dark spots, freckles and skin color is natural. – Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract:. An extract from the leaves And the bark of the Witch-hazel has the ability to shrink and tighten the skin, eliminating impurities that clog pores and excess oil. Reduce swelling of the skin To reduce the size of pores. – Symwhite: Inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase. The cause of Ahmed color Melanin makes skin. Which outperformed Kojic 10 times. – Chamomile Extract: Chamomile flower extract with antiseptic and astringent properties help soften. FDA REG.NO. 10-1-5917446. Size : 30 g./Box

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  • Whitening, Mild Peeling Agent, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Large Pore, Anti-Septic
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  • – Actiwhite Complex: Actiwhite Complex is a source of natural substances that are extracted from the nuts of new Whitener.

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