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Rhassoul Clay Hair & Facial Mask (Ghassoul) - Best Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, Blackhead Remover & Pore Minimiser - A 100% Organic All Natural Face Wash & Clay Mask

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Rhassoul offers the same properties whether in powder or petal form, but it can be used in different ways. It is a ‘smart’ clay, able to instantly identify where action is most needed. It is naturally soothing, healing, decongesting, remineralising and stimulating. Its highly absorbent and adsorbent properties leave the skin deeply cleansed. Used on the hair, its anti-dandruff and anti-tangle properties are well known and it is suitable for use on all hair types.

  • PURE AND NATURAL – This exquisite all natural and organic detoxifying Morrocan clay is unique in its composition, quality and purity; It is meticulously selected from ancient mineral-rich deposits, found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains, and contains 100% pure Rhassoul; NEVER tested on animals and free from parabens, fragrances, additives and alcohol
  • FAST ACTING – Simply mix our Morrocan Rhassoul Clay with a little water to create a smooth creamy texture, then glide effortlessly over your face, neck and hair as desired; Within seconds, you will feel a gentle tightening, as the intense detoxification begins to absorb impurities and harmful substances, cleansing deep into your pores to restore firmness and elasticity
  • STUNNING RESULTS – You can expect a buttery soft, smooth and toned skin complexion, free from dryness, blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores; Your hair will feel light, manageable and conditioned, with curls defined and frizz controlled; Eczema, psoriasis, and acne are treated and calmed without stripping your skin of essential natural oils
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Rhassoul Morrocan Clay is a versatile and multi-purpose daily cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying face mask, skin conditioner and hair restoration treatment; It delivers one of the world’s most powerful deep pore facials WITHOUT harsh chemicals, and can be applied daily to even the most dry, flaky and sensitive skin

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