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Pibbs 2505 Skin Care System

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The Pibbs 2505 Skin Care System is Made in the ITALY. and is designed for maximum space efficiency with a modern contemporary look. Its specialized top tray keeps all attachments organized and within easy reach.This Professional Skin Care System includes the following Pibbs functions: 2510 Brush Unit, 2520 Vacuum & Spray Unit, 2530 High Frequency Unit, 2540 Galvanic Unit, 2545 Combo Plexi Holder, 2550 Heavy Duty Mobile Stand, 2556 Vapourel Steamer and 2010 5 Diopter Magnifying Lamp.

  • Great Quality – Made in the ITALY Most Complete Package of Skin Care Equipment in a Compact & Mobile Stand
  • A Must for effective, focused facial and body treatments
  • Wheels make this unit easy to move around any Treatment Room
  • All Attachments & Hardware Included

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