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Kangzen up 5 For Skin Care

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Kangzen up 5
Made in KOREA
Perfect facial muscle tightening massagers with 7 systems and 5 steps in one device 7 systems 1.Three dimensional vibration system 2.Electric charge particle system, integrated skin care systems 3.Iontophoresis systems giving whitening and brightening skin 4.Audio power therapeutic system stimulating skin cell vibration 5.Magetic power therapeutic system stimulating blood circulation 6.Color power therapeutic system from red light to blue light rejuvenating skin condition 7.Recorded sound for instructing how to use 5 Steps for skin Care 1.Cleansing mode deeply facial cleansing step 2.Eye zone Mode Round the eyes care step 3.Facial Mode Facial massging step 4.Lifting Mode facial tightening step 5.Vitaminn C Mode Ion to step
How to use
Use in conjunction with Advance Series.

  • Kangzen up 5
  • Ship via EMS. From THAILAND Very Fast with TRACKING NUMBER
  • Have 5 MODE, cleaning,eye ,Facial,Lifting,Vitamin C mode
  • Made in KOREA
  • ship from Thailand.

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