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Flectson™ Reflective Vest/Belt Provides 360 Degree High Visibility for your Safety Outdoors: Running, Biking, Jogging etc.

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FlectsonTM Reflective Belt/Vest Allows 360 Degrees Visibility

Why should you buy this reflective belt?

– It reduces the chances of road accidents, especially in the dark

– The neon yellow of the fabric facilitates maximum reflection and visibility.

– The belt can be worn over any clothing

– It is very comfortable and can be worn in any season for extended periods

So what are the features that make this belt a life saver?

– The belt has reflective panels on the front and back

– Reflectors on all sides give you 360 degree visibility

– It is made of a breathable fabric which allows the sweat to escape keeping you dry

– It is 100% polyester warp knitted/a very light weight jersey material

– One size fits all with adjustable straps both vertically and horizontally

– It is completely machine washable using cold water

Protect yourself on the Road with this Reflective Vest.

Do not compromise on you safety on the road, especially if you love biking or jogging. You’ll need to stay visible to other road users. This high visibility reflective running vest is a perfect means to reduce road accidents considerably. The vest is a simple belt manufactured from reflective fabric that can be worn on the upper body to increase your visibility. The reflector glows in the dark and enables the passerby to notice you clearly. It is always wiser to be safe than sorry. Get this reflective vest before you step on the road the next time

With all these advantages you just cannot think twice about it, can you? So get one reflective vest now, because safety matters!

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  • Neon yellow highly reflective fabric vest affords maximum visibility
  • Pull-on and off wear with soft elastic fit – no buckles or Velcro to close
  • SIZING: adjustable 28.5″-48″ wide and 17″-22″ long – Easily fits all sizes over any outdoor clothing – adjustable straps width and height
  • Comfortable machine washable lightweight jersey fabric
  • Motorcycle reflective vest, Great gift idea – no sizing information necessary

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