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Crescina Re-Growth 500 WOMEN Shampoo

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Crescina Re-Growth Shampoos support natural hair growth thanks to the inclusion of two amino acids, Cysteine and Lysine (basic components of the keratin protein chain), and of Glycoprotein (growth factor) and are able to favour the development of thicker hair shafts through the action of a Dipeptide composed of other amino acids, Serin and Threonine.

The cleansing formula is particularly delicate, so as not to stress hair shafts that are thinner than normal and lack volume; instead, these weaker hairs are supported and given renewed vigour by a chemical analogue of Ceramide-2 (a natural constituent of hair) and by Hydrolyzed Keratin, which clings to the shaft and stays there, even after rinsing. Crescina Shampoos are available in a range of formulas, for men and for women, with increasing amounts of the active ingredients designed for different stages of thinning.

  • Re-Growth Shampoo

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