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BOTO-LACT KIT - Anti Aging Wrinkle Face cream Botox Kit ~ By Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care

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Your facial expressions cause wrinkles. Our BOTOX secret consists of two new ingredients that are very active:
It has been proven that the combination of these two ingredients improves the wrinkles up to 50% over a period of thirty days. NO MORE BOTOX INJECTIONS!!!
Using the BOTO-Lact KIT the skin will look young, fresh and smooth. It is a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art formula designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while rebuilding lost collagen, firming and smoothing wrinkles and giving a nice lifting.

The kit includes 3 active products: Lifting Boto-Lact, Serum Boto-Lact and Cream Botox.

It is always recommend to apply Sun Block SPF 50 (may be found in our Amazon store). Made in Israel.

  • Heavy lifting
  • Rebuilt lost collagen
  • Firm and smooth wrinkles
  • Groundbreaking formula
  • Gain back the skin youthful glow

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