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Baby Quasar Baby Blue Skincare Therapy Device

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No need to sing the blues when acne flares up. Baby Blue is a rock star that hits its mark every time by treating blemishes from the inside-out. Blue light technology offers the natural and pain-free remedy to annoying and unpleasant infections that attack our skin at the most inopportune times. Perfect for spot treatment in the privacy of your home and no need for backup with topicals or medications; Baby Blue built its fan-base with a successful solo career. The Baby Blue requires three to five treatments per week or as needed for optimal results. Each treatment may take up to 24 minutes. Remember to always begin treatment with a clean face and unplug and store your device after use. Most importantly, read your instruction manual, it provides complete instructions for treatment procedures, benefits, care and warranty.

  • Treat yourself at home with a Quality Manufactured Device
  • The Baby Quasar is made in the U.S.A and is FDA accepted
  • Built with aircraft quality aluminum housing, and NASA grade electrical components
  • 1 year warranty

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