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Aquis 4x30.75 Inch Linen Exfoliating Back Scrubber, 10x34.5 Inch Linen Exfoliating Shower Towel, 5x7.5 Inch Linen Exfoliating Face and Body Mitt with 12x12 Inch Linen Exfoliating Washcloth

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Give your skin and body the attention it deserves with this AQUIS Exfoliation Package. The ingenious dual-textured AQUIS Back Scrubber and Shower Towel has a loofah-like surface of the exfoliating side that massages and invigorates the skin. The soft woven surface of the smooth side gently cleans and refreshes the skin while bringing circulation to the skin’s surface. The material lathers amazingly well and the back strap of the back scrubber is flexible enough to treat hard to reach areas. The sumptuously soft, gently exfoliating Aquis Makeup Remover and Face Wash Mitt and Aquis exfoliating washcloth reaches deeper into pores to cleanse and rejuvenate. Our luxurious Aquitex expertly washes away makeup, cleanser and the impurities of the day. Use it regularly for a healthy, vibrant glow. Revolutionary Aquitex XF in all our exfoliation products is a versatile, two-sided material expressly developed to elevate skin and body care. It delivers varying degrees of exfoliation depending on its weave. It’s inspired skin therapy for the whole body.

  • The perfect set you need to give yourself a relaxing spa experience at home
  • Refreshes and massages skin while gently cleansing impurities
  • Two sided material developed to wash away your day while elevating skin and body care
  • Varied exfoliation for a healthy, vibrant glow when used daily
  • Machine washable and made to be durable to last a long time. Made in Korea

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