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Aquis 19x39 Inch Linen Waffle Hair Towel and Patented Size White Hair Turban

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AQUIS Hair Towel and Hair Turban Set. Your hair is never so vulnerable and damage prone as when it is wet. That’s why drying your hair naturally can make more difference to its health and appearance than any other method. Be gentle. Pat it dry. Don’t rub. Or blast it with too much heat. Just wrap it up and let our super absorbent hair towel and hair turban do the rest. Made from Aquitex fabrics, Aquis dries hair faster to save you time, reduces risk of split ends, ultra-lightweight and gentle on hair and skin. Dries quickly between uses; extremely soft and supple.

  • The perfect solution to give yourself a relaxing spa experience at home
  • Super absorbent without the stress of blow drying and added heat on the hair
  • Ultra Gentle on hair w/o friction for less frizz, split ends, & hair breakage
  • Protects hair wet hair when most vulnerable. Ultra soft and lightweight
  • Machine washable and made to be durable to last a long time. Made in Korea

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