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Alora Ambiance Reed Diffuser - Festa 8oz (237ml)

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Festa, Alora’s limited-edition mix of cinnamon and bitter orange, is the perfect little something to get us all in the spirit. This warm and festive fragrance is not only perfect for the holidays, it is also an ideal hostess gift. The 8 oz. bottle with sticks measures approximately 14 inches tall and lasts 2-3 months.

  • The ALORA AMBIANCE products are produced by the sister team of Annie and Therese Gibbons.
  • They were inspired by their 15 years spent living and laughing in the picturesque mountain region of Lake Como, Italy.
  • As effective a centerpiece as it is an air freshener, the Alora Ambiance diffuser truly is a one-of-a-kind product and makes a perfect gift.
  • Its exquisite design and attention to detail attest to its Italian origins while its wicking device – a deceptively simple and elegant grouping of sticks – is both attractive and unusually effective.
  • The liquid seeps up through the wood and fills the room. It is inviting: giving each space its own signature fragrance.

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