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13 In 1 T4DW Multi-Function Facial Steamer Microdermabrasion Skin Care Machine

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Aromatherapy, Herbal High Frequency Steamer, and Ozone: steam passes through the basket to the nozzle delivering fragrant aromatherapy and herbal treatment. Has ozone function to sterilizes the steam. Automatic low-water shut-off. JAR MUST BE EMPTIED AFTER EACH USE OTHERWISE VOIDS WARRANTY

Magnifying Lamp: provides 5x magnification under cool white light

High Frequency: works on toning the skin. Produces sensation of heat while stimulates blood circulation, kills bacteria on pimples, and helps oxygenate the skin

Microdermabrasion: Without using chemicals, effectively diminish conditions left by sun damage, wrinkles, and coarsely textured skin. Virtually painless and safe effective way to restore youthful glow to skin

Vacuum Extractor with Spray: 3 glass suction attachments to remove impurities and stimulate skin. Also includes mist diffuser to aid calming and hydrating skin

Galvanic: enables deep skin cleansing by chemical and ionic reactions

Woods Lamp: specialized filtered black light. Allows for skin analysis detecting problems invisible to naked eye

Brush Machine: lightweight brush system typically used for cleansing skin while giving a pleasant massage. Rotation is reversible with variable speed

Hot towel warmer: unit is a compact spa quality hot towel cabinet and ultraviolet sterilizer

Multi-outlet power supply, all-purpose stainless steel utility bowl, mobile utility cart

For use only by estheticians with a current license or certification

30-day no-hassle return policy. After 30 days-Free shipping on 1-year eMark Beauty warranty.

  • Stainless Steel Utility Bowl / Variable Speed Reversable Rotating Brush
  • Silent Timer Ozone Herbal Aromatherapy Facial Steamer – For Use With Tap Water/ Microdermabrasion
  • Galvanic Current / Woods Lamp / Magnify Lamp / Hot Towel Warmer
  • High Frequency / Vacuum Extractor / Spray Diffuser / UV Sterilzer/ Easy Connect Plastic Jar w/ Handle
  • Salon And Spa Professional Grade All Modular Skin Care Machine

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