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12 x Natures Care NC24 Bio-nano Concentrated Collagen Liquid 6 Ampules Anti-Aging Firming Lightening Brightening Skin Care [Get Free Tomato Facial Mask]

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➤ Size : 6 ampules/box (10ml/ampule) ➤ FDA Registration No 10-2-5820144 ➤ Product by Nature’s Care Manufacture Pty Ltd (GMP Certified) Made in Australia

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  • New Genuine Very Hot Natures Care NC24 Bio-nano Concentrated Collagen Liquid 6 Ampules Anti-Aging Firming Lightening Brightening Skin Care [Get Free Tomato Facial Mask] It is now well known that a key point of beauty, is to maintain firm, supple, and a healthy youthful looking skin and by increasing levels of skin collagen Collagen, makes up around 75% of our skin tissue, it is the main and the most important protein of our skin
  • The main benefit of serum collagen • Serum contains ingredients Multi-Glucosides naturally moisturize the skin accounted for 75% of the total (usually collagen under the skin to provide moisture was 31%) • Strengthen collagen • Help protect the collagen naturally • Increase the firm and the skin is healthy skin • Reduce wrinkles
  • It is a primary supporting structure and it forms of skin matrix and fibre-network, which improves skin elasticity, strength and suppleness As we age, however, the abilities of natural collagen synthesis and natural collagen recovery are broken down from within as skin layers decrease, which result in skin matrix thinning and fibre-network default, therefore skin aging begins – sagged, wrinkled and dry skin develops Collagen, Bio-nano Encapsulated Amino Acids, Purified Water, Proplylene Glycol, Hydroxeyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol Nature’s Care NC24 Bio-nano Concentrated Collagen Liquid 100% developed by our in-house R&D Laboratory using innovating bio-technologies is enriched with pure bio-active, water-soluble natural plant extract concentrate collagen with similar molecular structure to the skin’s collagen, as well as the bio-nano encapsulated amino acids which are essential amino acids for skin collagen synthesis It is specially formulated to be easily and readily penetrated into the sub dermal skin layers, therefore being absorbed and assimilated effectively by the skin to fortify the restoration and recovery skin by replenishing and increasing collagen regeneration In a short, it turns the skin into its former youth and beauty – healthy, firm, supple and wrinkle-free
  • Made in Australia Active Ingredients : Plant Extracted Collagen, Bio-nano Encapsulated Amino Acids, and Multi-glucose Containing a high moisturizing Ingredients:Plant Extracted factor of natural multi-glucose to retain about 75% of skin moisture (a general collagen only produces around 31% skin moisturizer retention) How to : Use every night before bed time, apply a suitable amount to clean, dry skin, with even, smooth strokes Leave on the skin Avoid contact with eyes Due to the damaging nature of the sun, a mild and nourishing Concentrated Collagen Liquid 100% is suitable for all skin types and all age ranges

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