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12 x Natural Shampoo, Dark Brown Color (Grey Coverage) For Men & Women

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From natural herbal extracts. So do not ruin your hair and scalp. Makes hair soft, shiny hair and long lasting fragrance of chemical safety. Gentle to hair and scalp. Hair Care soft and shiny with natural forces. The hair was close. Provide Hair color outstanding. How to use Just three simple steps for hair to close white hair or change hair color. Step 1: Always wash your hair with shampoo as normal before. To remove dirt and oil, then wash your hair with Herbal Shampoo hair color.It will change color faster and easier. Step 2: Wear gloves to tear bag of two channels are mixed together in your hands. Grease all over your head, rub lightly as hair wash Normally. Time off for 5 – 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. If hair is thick should take the time up. Long hair should use the second pack. Step 3: After washing hair, dry hair or blow dry. You have natural black hair. If it is white and hair grew up. It can be used to shampoo hair color again. More information. ####Pure Sesame Oil sesame oil. Sesame oil to make hair grow faster. Maintain healthy hair. Keeps hairmoisturize hair soft, not dry hair split and shiny black hair. ####Natural Henna It features a natural dark hair color to reduce dandruff, eczema, ringworm, fungus, reduce bacteria on the scalp. ####Chinese herbs:: Polygonum Multiorum Root extract that is known for the treatment of healthy hair. Not dry or broken easily and help prevent hair loss. Protection from UVA rays as well ## Allergy testing Apply a small amount of cream to the mix. The area behind the ear. Or in crook of elbow. Apply it about 24 to 48 hours if reaction:: redness or swelling, do not use .## Instructions for safety 1. Avoid contact with eyes 2. Do not use while scalp wound, rash or inflammation 3.If your allergic products Hair coloring. Should not be used immediately 4. Should be tested for allergic reaction before use 6. Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows 7. Keep away from children and should stored in cool place

  • Natural Extract: Pure Sesame Oil, Natural Henna, Chinese herbs
  • Make hair grow faster and help prevent hair loss
  • Multi Features, Very Cheap!!!
  • 1.Easy to Use. 2.Safety 3.No Nasty

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